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10 signs that you are fully dependent on AI


We all thought someday that robots are going to lead our commands. And now, we are living in the future. The future of robots doing all that we say is happening right now!


Artificial Intelligence technology is the answer to all your question. It has been there for decades, and now it has bought us facial recognition applications and self-driven cars. You might not even know how much smart technology has contributed to our lives. Without it, how harder our lives would have been.

If you are still thinking about how much AI technology has contributed to our lives, then check out the below-mentioned pointers:

#10 Voice Assistants

In today’s time, most homes now have voice assistants or smart speakers for different purposes in the form of Amazon Echo or Google Home. These assistants use natural language processing to understand and respond to your voice queries. Whether you want them to assist you in playing music or reading out the latest news, they can do it all for you. This shows how we are dependent on these AI devices for the smallest tasks.

#9 Smartphones

Nowadays, every single smartphone comes with AI technology. If you are thinking about how these devices are using the same, then the answer is in the form of Google Assistant and SIRI. They are already very popular features on every cell phone that follows our voice commands and acts accordingly. Not only this, but you might also see AI mode in your camera application that allows smart selfie enhancements. This happens when you are using an iPhone camera in portrait mode, as the pictures are created with the use of AI for the purpose of perspective identification.

#8 Social Feeds

You might not know that the news feed on your social media platforms is actually run through Artificial Intelligence technology. All the feeds you browse and notifications you receive happens because of this technology. You get the information you are looking for on social media platforms. This is why these platforms are using this technology to serve you as per your requirements to gain more of your presence on their applications.

#7. Google Predictive

Have you ever noticed Google predicting your search as you start typing? The predictive search information that you notice is the data that Google has collected about you as per your navigation history. According to the data collected, the search engine makes use of Artificial technology to predict what you might be trying to look for and help you with accurate information.

#6. Recommendation of the Products

Online retailers are using AI technology to avail information regarding the product you are looking for. This is done so that they can present the products accordingly on their platform and make it easy for you to reach the right product. These recommended products are basically the result of how you behave while being online. They track every move of yours and then accordingly personalize the experience for you to make your shopping a lot more convincing and effective. All this happens because of artificial intelligence.

#5. Support

Businesses around the world are now using Chatbots to help millions of customers around the world with quick and effective support. Businesses can get their chatbots ready as per their product and services. So, when the customer connects, the chatbots are able to answer all the basic queries related to your services. The reason Bots are successfully able to provide support is because of AI technology. This technology helps in finding the right data and let the bot provide convincing support without any delays.

#4. Music Recommendations

Would you believe if you find out that AI technology helps in setting up your playlists as well? No right? But they do and do it convincingly. With the help of AI technology, applications like Spotify are able to understand the taste of your music and recommend you the songs accordingly. They are assessing the data like song pitch, length, genres, and various other attributes to make your search a lot easier.

#3. Automation

We all love to have our home managed through our voice commands. You can enter your home without the use of your keys and control the lights just with your commands. It has become a norm now in many parts of the world. The homeowners are now building their personal IoT devices to get proper control over their house just through their voice commands. Every aspect can be automated and no longer require a human touch.

#2. Spam Filter

AI technology has played a big role in filtering out spam from your inbox, and this has made people around the world so much satisfied. Now you don’t have to check manually and report spam as AI technology is there to do the job for you. Gmail is using machine learning to differentiate between spam emails and legit emails and help individuals in strengthening their cybersecurity. You can have your mailbox customized without any hassle with the assistance of AI technology.

#1 Cybersecurity

The biggest advantage of AI technology has to be helping businesses around the world with stronger cyber protection. It not only helps to track and analyze the upcoming cyberattack but also finds the right solution to deal with the same. They keep on updating with information about all the latest cybercrimes and ensure that the IT infrastructure is protected from it in every which way. From analysis to upgrades to proper solutions, AI technology ensures that your business is ready to face any kind of cybersecurity issue!

Final Words

This shows how we are completely dependent on AI technology for different purposes in our lives. This technology can assist you in different forms and make your life a lot easier and hassle-free. It also plays a big role in making business operations a lot smoother and protects them from various cyberattacks as well. There is no doubt in stating that Artificial Intelligence has to be the future we are living in right now!

Author Bio:

Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Securium Solutions

Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Securium Solutions with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in ECSA, Vulnerability Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Management, and Business Development. She loves travelling and tracking.


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