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Wearable Health Technology: Fads Or The Future?

                                                        Source: Mobisoft Infotech Wearable healthcare technologies are playing a paramount role in the enhancement of healthcare industries. These devices can be worn on or inside...

Fraud Prevention tools for Banking Industry that are Perfect for Anti Money Laundering

Financial Departments and banks are the backbone of the economic system of any country. They play a vital role in the flowing of cash...

5 Reasons Filing Amended Corporate Tax Returns Becomes Necessary

Filing corporate tax returns is one of the most important legal requirements of running a company. Enterprises hire accountants and other qualified professionals for...

Registration now open for SMi’s 4th annual Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe conference

SMi reports: Defence Logistics Central and Eastern Europe conference returns to Prague in March 2019 As military operations and large-scale joint exercise requirements increase across...

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