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LTE Status in Europe

LTE in Romania

Romania Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) Romania2K Telecom   Planned 2014LTE-2600RomaniaCosmote (OTE)In ServiceSep-0942MbpsIn Service Apr 2013LTE-1800Romania In ServiceOct-1142MbpsIn Service Dec 2012LTE-1800RomaniaRCS&RDS / Digi.MobilIn Service  Planned 2014LTE-900RomaniaTelemobil (CDMA)In ServiceAug-0921MbpsPermission RequestedLTE-450RomaniaVodafone RomaniaIn...

LTE in Russia

Russia Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) RussiaBelarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud)   Testing LTE-AdvancedLTE-1700,1800,2500,2600RussiaMegaFonIn ServiceSep-1021MbpsIn Service Sept 2012LTE-Adv Feb 2014LTE-800 FDD & TDD (38)RussiaMobile TeleSystems /MTSIn ServiceDec-1021MbpsIn Service Sept...

LTE in Serbia

Serbia Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) SerbiaTelekom Srbija /MT:SIn ServiceOct-1242MbpsPlanned SerbiaTelenorIn ServiceJul-1142MbpsPlanned SerbiaVIP MobileIn ServiceFeb-1142Mbps  

LTE in Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) Slovak RepublicOrangeIn ServiceOct-1142MbpsPlanned 2014LTE-2600Slovak RepublicSlovak Telecom / T-MobileIn ServiceMar-1142MbpsIn Service Nov 2013LTE-1800Slovak RepublicTelef√≥nica O2In Service  In Service Aug 2012LTE-1800

LTE in Slovenia

Slovenia Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) SloveniaMobitel - Telekom SlovenijeIn ServiceApr-1042MbpsIn Service Mar 2013LTE-800, 1800, 2600SloveniaSi.mobilIn ServiceDec-1042MbpsIn Service July 2012LTE-1800SloveniaT-2In Service  Potential License SloveniaTus MobilIn ServiceNov-1021MbpsPlanned 2016 

LTE in Tadjikistan

Tadjikistan Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) TadjikistanBabilon MobileIn Service  In Service Oct 2012LTE-1800, 2100TadjikistanMaritime Communications Partner ASIn Service  Planned 2014 TadjikistanTacom / BeelineIn Service  Planned 2015 TadjikistanTcell   In Service April 2014LTE-800 MHzTadjikistanTT...

LTE in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) TurkmenistanMTS Turkmenistan /TM Cell / Altyn AsyrIn ServiceNov-1021MbpsIn Service Sept 2013 

LTE in Ukraine

Ukraine Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) UkraineLife:) AstelitPlanned    UkraineCDMA Ukaraine (ITC)   Potential NetworkLTE-850UkraineKyivstarPlanned  Planned 2015 UkraineMTS-UkrainePlanned  Planned 2015 UkraineUkrtelecom / UtelIn Service  Planned 

LTE in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Europe - EasternOperatorsHSPA HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) UzbekistanUcell/TeliaSoneraIn ServiceFeb-1142MbpsIn Service Aug 2010LTE-2600UzbekistanUnitel LLC BeelineIn Service  Pre-commercialLTE-2600

LTE in Federated States of Micronesia

LTE in Federated States of Micronesia Asia PacificOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) Fed. St. MicronesiFSM TelecommunicationsPlanned    

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