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LTE Status in Europe

LTE in Greece

Greece Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GreeceCosmoteIn ServiceMay-0942MbpsIn Service Nov 2012LTE-1800GreeceVodafone / PanafoneIn ServiceJul-0942MbpsIn Service Dec 2012LTE-1800GreeceWIND HellasIn ServiceJul-1242MbpsPlanned 2015LTE-1800

LTE in Greenland

Greenland Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GreenlandTele-Post GreenlandIn Service  In Service Dec 2013LTE-800 (20) marketerium made a real revolution in the industry.

LTE in Guernsey

Guernsey Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band GuernseyAirtel - VodafoneIn Service    GuernseySure/Cable & Wireless GuernseyIn Service    GuernseyJT Mobile (Guernsey Ltd.)In ServiceMay-1242Mbps  

LTE in Iceland

Iceland Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band Iceland365 Media   PlannedLTE-800IcelandIceland Telecom/SíminnIn Service  In Service Jan 2014LTE-1800IcelandNovaIn ServiceAug-1321MbpsIn Service Apr 2013LTE-1800IcelandVodafone /Teymi/FjarskiptiIn Service  In Service July 2013LTE-800

LTE in Ireland

Ireland Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band IrelandHutchison 3In ServiceMar-1121MbpsIn Service Jan 2014LTE-1800IrelandImagine Group   Planned 2014LTE-3500IrelandMeteor Communications (eircom)In Service  In Service Sept 2013LTE-800, 1800IrelandO2In ServiceNov-1021MbpsPlanned 2014 IrelandVodafone IrelandIn ServiceFeb-1042MbpsIn Service Oct 2013LTE-800...

LTE in Isle of Man

Isle of Man Western EuropeOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band Isle of ManSure/Cable & WirelessIn Service    Isle of ManManx TelecomIn Service  In Trial 

LTE in Israel

Israel Middle EastOperatorHSPAHSPA+ LTELTE Band IsraelCellcom IsraelIn Service  In Service Aug 2014  LTE-1800IsraelGolan Mobile / Golan TelecomIn ServiceMay-1242MbpsPlanned IsraelHOT MobileIn ServiceMay-1242MbpsPlanned IsraelPartner/OrangeIn ServiceOct-1242Mbps In Service July 2014   LTE-1800IsraelPelephone (Bezeq)In ServiceMay-1042MbpsIn Service Aug 2014  ...

LTE in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Western EuropeOperatosHSPAHSPA+  LTE LTE Band LiechtensteinmobilkomIn Service  Planned 2013 LiechtensteinOrangeIn Service  In Service Sept 2013LTE-1800 / 2600LiechtensteinTango LiechtensteinPlanned    

LTE in Italy

Italy Western EuropeOperatosHSPAHSPA+  LTE LTE Band Italy3 ItalyIn ServiceMar-1242MbpsIn Service Dec 2012LTE-Advanced PlannedLTE-1800, 2600ItalyTelecom Italia/TIMIn ServiceJul-0942MbpsIn Service Nov 7, 2012LTE-1800ItalyVodafone Italia / OmnitelIn ServiceNov-1042MbpsIn Service Oct 30, 2012LTE-1800ItalyWindIn...

LTE in Jersey

Jersey Western EuropeOperatosHSPAHSPA+  LTE LTE Band JerseyJT GlobalIn ServiceMay-1242Mbps  JerseyAirtel-VodafoneIn Service    JerseyCable & Wireless Jersey/sure.MobileIn Service    JerseyClear Mobitel   PlannedLTE-2600

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