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LTE in Africa

LTE in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum Burkina FasoBharti Airtel Burkina FasoIn ServiceMay-1321Mbps  Burkina FasoTelmob OnatelIn ServiceMay-1342Mbps  Burkina FasoTelecelPlanned    

LTE in Burundi

Burundi AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum BurundiLacellPlanned    BurundiU-COM BurundiIn ServiceOct-1121Mbps  

LTE in Cameroon

Cameroon AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum CameroonMTN CameroonPlanned    CameroonOrange CameroonPlanned    CameroonYouMee   Planned 

LTE in Cape Verde

Cape Verde AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum Cape VerdeCabo Verde Telecom / CVMóvelIn Service    Cape VerdeUnitel T+In ServiceDec-1121Mbps  

LTE in Central African Republic

Central African Republic AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum Central African Rep.Atlantique Cellular / MoovPlanned    Central African Rep.NationlinkPlanned    Central African Rep.OrangeIn ServiceMar-1321Mbps  Central African Rep.TelecelPlanned    

LTE in Chad

Chad AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum ChadBharti Airtel ChadIn ServiceOct-1121Mbps  ChadMillicom / Tigo ChadPlanned    

LTE in Congo

Congo AfricaOperatorHSPA  HSPA+ SpeedLTE LTE Spectrum CongoBharti Congo Airtel BVIn ServiceOct-1121Mbps  CongoMTN CongoPlanned    CongoWarid CongoPlanned    

LTE in Cote DIvoire

Côte D'Ivoire Atlantique Telecom / Moov LTE---LTE-A--- Comium Côte D'Ivoire LTE- PlannedLTE-A--- MTN LTE--LTE-A-- YouMee LTE- LTE-TDD Orange LTE--LTE-A-- ViPNet LTE-Planned LTE-TDDLTE-A--

LTE in Dem. Rep. Congo

Dem. Rep. Congo Bharti Airtel RDC LTE - No Oasis Telecom LTE - --- LTE-A - --- Orange LTE --- LTE-A---Smile Communications DRC LTE - Planned Vodacom LTE--- LTE-A --

LTE in Djibouti

Djibouti Djibouti Telecom / Evatis LTE - No LTE-A - No
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