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5 Top Social Media Platforms to Start Video Marketing Your Business


Social media is the most powerful and influential platform that has the capability of marketing and generating leads through different techniques. One of the most essential techniques of building an online presence is video marketing. People around the globe using social media, now rely more on videos instead of text or any other format. Engaging and informative videos can help in rejuvenating and repositioning your business. Videos create a deep connection of your brand with your business to bring seamless possibilities. Creating videos with zeal and enthusiasm can bring vivacity to the audience too.

The reason why people prefer social media marketing over app optimization services is its effectiveness. SEO is costly and gets tougher with every new update. For example, you’re planning to run a campaign on social media that costs around $1 will cost you $4-$5 for SEO. Social media is the best way to bring your brand awareness as it has millions of active users that daily interact with products relevant to their interests.

Following are the top five social media platforms from which you can start video marketing your business.


Facebook is the largest platform with millions of active users that generate good revenue for the brand that effectively carry out the marketing process. Video marketing strategy is capable of bringing attention to your business because Facebook gets around 32 billion video views every day. Sharing and posting your videos on different pages relevant to your business can help in the reach and expansion of your business. Adding videos in your cover photo or linking it through Facebook stories is also a good practice. Not only this, but now you can go live to connect with your audience in real-time. Following are some tips that can level up your Facebook video marketing:

  • Create videos on both portrait and landscape mode to give your customers a full-screen experience on the device they prefer.
  • Add attention-grabbing captions in your video because most people watch videos in mute mode.
  • Incorporate a clear call to action in the text surrounding your video to market your brand in an appealing way.
  • Creating videos with a maximum length of 20 minutes.
  • Explain the problems, solutions, and outcomes with the help of real-world examples.


Instagram is one of the most top-rated social media platforms that have brought a drastic change in the entertainment and media industry. Celebrities, influencers, content, and video creators showcase their talent by bringing new and exciting content. Business owners can now market their business by creating and uploading videos on their Instagram account. Creating an Instagram account page for your business is vital as it helps in building a strong brand identity.  Although Instagram does not support links in the content it can bring more traffic to your business because of user engagement. Instagram works on hashtag algorithms, so adding relevant hashtags in your videos can help in reaching the target audience.

Follow these tips to speed up the video marketing process on Instagram:

  • Promote your business by creating simple and engaging Instagram video stories.
  • Collaborate with the bloggers by sending them PRs of your business. They’ll post a review of your product.
  • Add in-feed Instagram videos by adding thumbnails to get more views.
  • Go live with your audience to get a better understanding of your product.
  • Creating highlights of your business on Instagram is another good option as people prefer to have a quick overview of your business by watching highlights.


Snapchat is the most popular social media platform with more than 350 active million users. The strategy of marketing your business by creating videos on Snapchat is a good practice. A short, concise, and informative video with meaningful information can be created on Snapchat. Creating a Snapchat channel with your business name where users can subscribe to your channel and watch videos is impactful. The fashion, sports, art, and entertainment industry is getting a positive impression on their business with lively videos. New features and updates of Snapchat have made it possible for users to easily interact with business owners.

Video advertising on Snapchat helps in promoting to a larger audience because it has less competition than other social platforms. Moreover, Snapchat provides more video length options, as well as the ability to include interactive components such as custom filters and lenses. You can measure the success of your video ad by calculating the average number of seconds users spent watching your video ad.


YouTube is one of the powerful video marketing platforms that elevate your business to an up-next level. YouTube videos are the organic method of reaching your target audience while YouTube ads are the paid methods. Create a YouTube page of your business with engaging and informative content. Likes, subscriptions, watch time, views, shares, and comments are included in the organic method. YouTube SEO techniques require proper title and tags, detailed video descriptions, and attractive thumbnails. Keeping your audience updated with new and quality videos on your channel can bring a significant revolution to your business.

If you want to bring more leads to your business in less time than paid video marketing is a useful option. Trueview ads, in-stream ads, and pre-roll ads are the different types of YouTube ads that operate on different techniques including (cost per view), CPA (cost per action), and CPI (cost per install). You will get a tremendous response on the paid YouTube ads for your business.


Twitter is among the top 5 social media platforms for video marketing your business with 396.5 million users. The best way to bring a vast and diverse customer base is through Twitter. Creating a Twitter business account is essential where you can interact and engage with your target audience on regular basis. Embedding interesting and informative video clips in your tweets helps in driving more leads and traffic to your business. Tweets with videos can bring 10x more engagements than tweets without videos.

Just creating and uploading videos on Twitter is not the strategy for good video marketing, instead of promoting your videos can be very much effective. However, videos shared on your Twitter account can be promoted through video ads. Adding video ads with website buttons can drive mobile readers to your website.  For this purpose, video marketers need to set up a website card. This process of video marketing brings a 2x higher clickthrough rate as compared to standard mobile video ad benchmarks.  Highlighting videos through the Twitter fleet feature where you can post the full-screen video for the next 24 hours is also a helpful video promoting strategy.


Video marketing is the most effective tool that allows you to promote your product or service on different social platforms. Organic and paid, both types of video marketing can be done based on the need and requirements of your business. As now you are well-familiar with the top five social media platforms that have the potential of video marketing your business, you can now create and promote high-quality videos on these social media platform for more lead generation and marketing purposes.

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Linda Hartley is a digital marketing manager at Appstirr, who loves to write content on the latest topics, including Blockchain, B2B business models, application development and much more.



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