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LTE Deployment

LTE in Panama

Panama CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)PanamaClaro PanamáIn Service 2009Aug-1121Mbps GSM-1900 (GPRS, EDGE)850/1900 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+700/1900 MHz LTE (Band 28/Band 2) PanamaC&W PanamáIn Service 2011Jun-1121MbpsGSM-850 (GPRS, EDGE)850 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+700 MHz LTE (Band 28) PanamaDigicel...

LTE in Paraguay

Paraguay CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)ParaguayClaro ParaguayIn Service 2007Jul-1121MbpsPlanned ParaguayVOX / COPACOIn Service 2012May-1221MbpsIn Service Feb 19, 2013LTE-1700/2100ParaguayPersonalIn Service 2008Feb-1242MbpsIn Service Feb 8, 2013LTE-1900ParaguayTigoIn...

LTE in Peru

Peru CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)PeruAmericatel Peru   Planned PeruClaro PeruIn Service 2008Aug-1121MbpsIn Service May 2014LTE-1900PeruNextelIn Service 2009  Planned 2014 PeruMovistar PeruIn Service 2009Nov-1121MbpsIn Service Jan 2014LTE-1700PeruViettel Peru   Planned...

LTE in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)Puerto RicoAT&T MobilityIn Service 2006Jan-1121MbpsIn Service Nov 2011LTE-1700/2100 AWSPuerto RicoClaro Puerto RicoIn Service 2007Feb-1121MbpsIn Service Nov 2011LTE-700Puerto...

LTE in Saba

LTE in Saba CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)SabaSatelIn Service    

LTE in St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band)St. Kitts & NevisC&W/LIME St. Kitts & NevisIn ServiceOct-1221Mbps  St. Kitts & NevisDigicel St. Kitts &...

LTE in St. Lucia

St. Lucia CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) St. LuciaCable & Wireless St. Lucia / LIMEIn ServiceJul-1321Mbps  

LTE in Vincent and Grenadines

Vincent and Grenadines CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) St. Vincent & Gren.C&W/LIME St. Vincent & GrenadinesPlanned    

LTE in Suriname

Suriname CountryOperator/Network NameHSPA (104)HSPA+  LTE LTE Spectrum (Band) SurinameDigicel SurinameIn ServiceApr-1421Mbps  SurinameUNIQAIn Service 2011    

LTE in Canada

Sr. No.OperatorTechnologySubscribers(in millions)Ownership1:Rogersincludes Fido and ChatrGSM-850/1900 (GPRS, EDGE)850/1900 MHz UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+700(12-13-17)/1700(4)/2600(7) MHz LTE, LTE-A10.625 (Q3 2017)Rogers Communications2:TelusIncludes Koodo and Public MobileUMTS, HSPA, DC-HSPA+700(12-13-17-29)/850(5)/1900(2)/1700(4)/2600(7) MHz LTE, LTE-A8.700 (Q2 2017)Telus3:Bellincludes MTS and Virgin MobileCdmaOne, CDMA2000 1xRTTUMTS, HSPA, DC-HSPA+700(12-13-17-29)/850(5)/1900(2)/1700(4)/2600(7) MHz LTE, LTE-A9.008 (Q3 2017)Bell Canada4:Freedom Mobile1700/2100 MHz(AWS) UMTS, HSPA, DC-HSPA+, LTE(Eastern Ontario)1700/2100(66) MHz(AWS-3), 1900/2100 MHz(AWS-1), 2500 MHz LTE,1.300 (Q4 2016)Shaw Communications5:Vidéotron1700 MHz UMTS, HSPA, DC-HSPA+700/1700 MHz LTE0.786 (Q1 2016)Quebecor6:SaskTel850/1900 MHz UMTS, HSPA, DC-HSPA+1700 MHz LTE0.618 (Q1 2016)SaskTel7:TNW Wireless850 MHz UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+850 MHzN/A (Q1...

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