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If an event happens and nobody heard about it, did it really happen? A business event is only as successful as the number of people who attend, see and spread the word about the value they have received in the event. This is where event marketing comes in. Planning and managing an event is one thing, however, marketing it, getting Read more…

Planning and preparing for an event is never easy, there is always going to be plenty to do and plenty to think about. You are going to want to make sure that you have all the things to hand out, all things that you need for information and of course, all of the things that are going to attract people Read more…

When we talk about social media, we all will agree that social media is the boss of the Internet industry and has ruled the internet over time. A sudden rise in social media platforms has been noticed since the past few years. Active internet users are mostly found on social media websites as they offer an opportunity for users to Read more…

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