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Silver Peak launches Unity EdgeConnect, its hybrid WAN and broadband solution

This new solution plug-and-play, unique in the market, offers companies the flexibility to connect quickly and securely to users remote offices to applications via any network without compromise

SANTA CLARA, California, June 15, 2015 – As part of its WAN deployment strategy (WAN) and hybrid broadband, Silver Peak Introduces New EdgeConnect Unity solution, which enables companies to significantly reduce the cost and complexity associated with the creation of a WAN, exploiting broadband to connect users to applications. By allowing the use of broadband connections to enhance or replace their MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) current, Silver Peak improves responsiveness to customers, improves application performance and significantly reduces capital and operational expenditures.

Offered in physical and virtual versions, EdgeConnect Unity creates an overlay virtual network that prevents companies to replace routers and firewalls to their subsidiaries. Unity EdgeConnect to switch to a broadband WAN at its own pace, whether site after site, WAN or a hybrid approach exploiting both MPLS and broadband Internet connectivity (cable, DSL, LTE, etc. .). Generally referred to as SD-WAN (software-defined WAN).

Unity EdgeConnect is a superimposed solution: connectivity decisions are made independently of the operators, thus avoiding long delays procurement and deployment to accelerate the commissioning. Connectivity can quickly be extended, moved or altered based on business needs. With a deployment model plug-and-play “zero-touch” Unity EdgeConnect can be deployed in a remote office in seconds, and automatically connect to other instances Silver Peak in the datacenter, other subsidiaries or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud with Amazon, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air.

Key features of Unity EdgeConnect:

  • Patch Dynamic Control (DPC) directs traffic in real time on any broadband connection or MPLS based on predefined rules by the company. In case of failure or slowdown, Patch Dynamic Control automatically switches to the secondary connection in one second.
  • Strengthening the WAN secures data end to end encrypted tunnels via 256-bit AES. No unauthorized external traffic can enter the subsidiary. Strengthening the WAN protects remote offices without the spreading of appliances and operating costs associated with deployment and management of dedicated firewalls.
  • Journey packaging avoids the undesirable effects of packet loss and damage often encountered with MPLS and broadband connections. The journey of the packaging guarantees the maintenance of the performance of private lines on the internet.
  • The intelligence of cloud provides real-time updates on the most efficient way to reach hundreds of SaaS applications (Software as a Service), which guarantees connecting users to their applications in the most rapid manner and be smart.

“With an increasing number of applications provided” as a service “via a cloud infrastructure, it is important that companies can move at the speed of the cloud, says David Hughes, founder and CEO of Silver Peak. Unity EdgeConnect Silver Peak is the premier solution for customers wanting to use the internet more effectively in a secure, controlled and automatic, while ensuring consistent and reliable performance for users that connect to any application. “

Granular visibility and control with Unity Orchestrator
Orchestrator Unity, Unity included in EdgeConnect, offers new levels of visibility in both existing applications and in the cloud. It can assign centralized corporate rules to secure and control all traffic on the WAN.

Key features of Unity Orchestrator:

  • The administration on a single screen accelerates and simplifies business policy implementation across the network, eliminating the individual rules changes for each subsidiary, complex and prone to errors.
  • The granular real-time monitoring and historical reports provide detailed statistics on applications, sites and network. It can also continuously monitor the performance, loss, latency and packet classification for the whole network traffic. All traffic HTTP and native applications is identified by name and location; Alarms and Alerts also accelerate the resolution of the problems of the operators.
  • The reports savings of bandwidth costs documenting the savings associated with the transition to broadband connectivity.

Enhancing application performance as required
when remote offices are deployed as part of a high-speed WAN or hybrid, customers can require superior performance for specific applications, such as faster remote replication of data for disaster recovery. Unity Boost is a pack of optional performance – which it is possible to subscribe with one click – accelerating application performance as needed.

Major Boost Unity features:

  • Decreased latency TCP acceleration techniques and other protocols reduce the effects of latency on application performance and significantly speed up the response time of applications over the WAN.
  • Data Reduction : Deduplication and compression of WAN eliminate the repetitive transmission of data duplicates.The Silver Peak software inspects WAN traffic at the byte level, and keeps the content in warehouses of local folders.The advanced fingerprinting techniques identify repetitive patterns for local delivery. Data reduction is applicable to all IP protocols, including TCP and UDP.

Bring real value to the company
‘s new Unity EdgeConnect Silver Peak solution is the only supplier able to provide the most agile broadband WAN, which also improves performance of all forms of connectivity.

Silver Peak’s customers benefit from high levels of:

  • Flexibility : Customers can quickly and seamlessly expand or replace their MPLS networks through any form of broadband connectivity.
  • Visibility & Control : customers benefit from new levels of visibility into existing applications in the cloud, and can assign centrally corporate policies to secure and control all traffic on the WAN.
  • Performances : marked improvement in end-user satisfaction through constant optimization of application performance.
  • Savings : Silver Peak can reduce up to 90% of the costs of connectivity, equipment and network administration by allowing customers to exploit the internet bandwidth at lower cost.

Pricing and Availability
The new Unity Suite solutions offering is available now. The rates for Unity EdgeConnect, including Unity Orchestrator, start at € 199 per site per month. Unity Boost is an optional performance package, available on request at the price of € 5 megabits per second (Mbps) per month. Companies can register on the site Silver Peak to test the free Unity EdgeConnect solution.

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