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Northplains announces integration with ShotFlow One

Streamlining workflow from photo studio to creative teams.

TORONTO, ON, April 6, 2017 – Northplains has announced an integration partnership with Shotflow One from Capture Integration, to accelerate campaign creative processes. The result of this application-level integration, says Northplains, is a seamless workflow that delivers what the company calls “smart” images from the studio into the hands of creatives. Northplains describes these as images already containing rich descriptive information with the asset file itself, in the form of metadata.

Northplains Xinet
Northplains Xinet
This means that production teams can utilize this visual content as it is uploaded into the system, with no need for manual tagging of metadata such as product specifications. Rather than losing time or missing deadlines due to manually managing visual files, creatives can focus on creative work while “smart” images are routed through a Xinet workflow automatically to feed the many channels with growing demand for fresh content.

Shotflow One collates all the data associated with studio photography, enabling optimized planning, monitoring and measuring of the photo creation process. Through a unique integration to Phase One’s Capture One software, ShotFlow One instantly tags each image as it is captured, with all the necessary metadata, such as the product, color, style, category, date, campaign, model, usage rights limits, and so on. Northplains chose to develop an integration with Shotflow One, because it is a natural complement to Xinet: its’ leading tool in digital asset workflow used by creatives for over two decades to begin the asset creation process, often taking raw images as the starting point.

Says Hassan Kotob, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Northplains: “The integration between these two tools is a natural one and helps brands to overcome the workload challenges that producing more visual content in an increasingly faster turnaround involves. They are both representative of a more collaborative and connected creative ecosystem, which is something we know customers want and which Xinet is evolving to meet. We will be announcing further additions to the Xinet ecosystem in the future.”

Says Eric Fulmer, VP of Operations, Capture Integration: “We are thrilled to work with the Northplains team to use the power of a legendary tool like Xinet. Our clients need to increase content velocity with shrinking resources and budgets, and the combination of ShotFlow One with Xinet is a huge win for automating content workflows at the world’s leading brands.”

About Northplains
Northplains is the leader in Digital Asset Management software. The company offers Cloud-based and On-premises solutions that help marketers manage visual content, streamline production and deliver their unified brand stories around the globe. Headquartered in Toronto Canada with offices in Europe and Asia, Northplains is committed to continuous innovation and support for our world-class client base. For more information, please visit

About Capture Integration
Capture Integration is focused on enhancing our client’s vision through our expertise, by integrating the world’s leading photographic products for our clients. When it comes to the photographic vision of the world’s largest brands, they are tasked with producing more volume and variety of visual content than ever before, in less time, and often with less resources. Capture Integration developed the ShotFlow One Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to enable high volume production studios to plan, monitor and measure the visual content production process from anywhere, on any device; virtually eliminating spreadsheets and other data “silos” from the brand production workflow. For more information, please visit

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