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NewVoiceMedia study finds UK sales reps are failing to provide the emotive experiences that boost customer acquisition and retention

LONDON 17 May 2018 – New research[1] from NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales solutions, reveals that less than half (46 percent) of UK sales professionals made a personal or emotional connection with the majority (51 percent or more) of their prospects over the last year, despite acknowledging the impact that emotive experiences have on sales success.

NVM found that more than three-quarters (74 percent) of sales reps believe building a personal or emotional connection with a prospect increases the likelihood of them entering the sales pipeline, yet just 4 percent felt they made emotional connections with most of the prospects they talked to (at least nine out of every 10). The biggest segment (15 percent) said they had connected personally with just three or four prospects out of every 10 they spoke to.

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With revenue potential significantly impacted by a brand or rep’s ability to develop personal connections, emotive interactions have emerged as a competitive differentiator for sales teams worldwide and an area in which most reps are underperforming.

When asked to select the key drivers behind a prospect feeling emotionally connected to a brand, 39 percent identified being connected to a highly knowledgeable sales professional as the most important. A similar number (34%) flagged the ability to get immediate assistance from a highly qualified rep when needed (via phone, chat or email), 32 percent think that speaking to a rep who listens closely and understands their problem is a key driver for prospects, and 31 percent believe that personalising sales conversations is essential.

The research follows NewVoiceMedia’s 2015 Cost of Poor Prospecting study which revealed that sales teams are failing to use data-driven insights and personalisation to close deals. 86 percent of prospects claimed that just five minutes of preparation from a sales rep prior to a call would boost the likelihood of closing a deal, yet more than half of calls are poorly researched.

“At NewVoiceMedia, we believe, and this study reflects, that emotive interactions are critical to winning the hearts and minds of sales prospects in today’s Age of the Customer”, said Dennis Fois, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “But sales professionals are not doing enough to create the types of experiences that close sales. For brands to compete – and win – in CX in 2018 and beyond, inside sales reps must focus on making strong emotional connections with prospects, and they must understand and document the emotions that are likely to drive the prospect to purchase”.

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[1] Survey conducted via the SurveyMonkey Audience market research tool, with a sample of 200 inside sales professionals working at UK-based companies.

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