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“Enjoy SIMCom, Enjoy the Smart Life” — SIMCom made a public appearance at the IOTE2018 Shenzhen Internet of Things Convention

Between July 31st-August 2ndthe 10th International Internet of Things Summer Fair 2018 was held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition has attracted more than 700 exhibitors from industries such as Smart Metering, Safe City, Smart Home, Internet of Vehicles and energy management. These industries utilize the IoT technologies at the perception layer, transport layer and application layer. Behind these applications and technologies, communication modules play a significant role as the origin for data network access.

SIMCom, who ranks No. 1 in the world for most shipped module items for three consecutive years, has made a public appearance at the exhibition with their full range of star products (data source: ABI research 2015/2016/2017)

The theme of SIMCom’s booth was “Enjoy SIMCom, Enjoy the Smart Life”. SIMCom used this theme to demonstrate how it is a representative for communication module technology and is committed to realizing the smart life for people.

According to the latest ABI study report, SIMCom has once again ranked No. 1 in 2017 shipments in the industry, winning the world champion of module shipments for three consecutive years. To ensure an efficient flow of its products on a global scale, SIMCom has invested heavily in certifying its module products. It has even gained a reputation as being a “Certification Champion” in the module world. A large amount of manpower and energy are invested on a global scale every year and SIMCom has achieved more than 160 institutional certifications (including IATF16949, CE, FCC, GCF, PTCRB, IC, Rohs, REACH, Telec, CCC, JATE, NCC, Anatel, A-TICK, ATEX, CTA, FTA, TA) and TOP20 network access licenses to global mainstream operators. In main application areas, such as the Internet of Vehicles, fleet management, energy management, mobile payment, bike-sharing management, industrial manufacturing, Smart Home, health care, item tracking, personal tracking, and Smart Agriculture, SIMCom module products present a top choice for industry-leading clients.

Popular Industry Application No.1 in 2018 —- Products of NB-IoT Series Driving Urban Delicacy Management

Urban delicacy management is based on the monitoring of public equipment. For example, communication is characterized by low power consumption, long distance, wide coverage and minimal flow, which are required for environmental monitoring, intelligent street lamps, smart energy, smart waste bins and others. SIMCom provides a full range of NB/eMTC products (including SIM7000, SIM7020 and SIM7060) to meet different NB-IOT applications in various countries. Among them, SIM7000’s global version, which supports eMTC&GSM&NB-IoT, has gained network access licenses to China’s three major operators, AT&T, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom. SIM7020, a cost-effective 2G/NB dual-mode module which support 3GPP Rel-14, has also gained network access licenses to China’s three major operators and has been widely applied in smart city projects. Another product, SIM7060, is based on SIM7020 but takes it takes a step further. It supports GNSS positioning and has greatly enriched the application of NB-IoT. The full range of SIMCom’s NB modules have laid a foundation to improve communication for intelligent municipal management of information.

Hot industry application No.2 in 2018 —- Products of Intelligent Module Series Driving the Unmanned Retail Industry

Life cannot be separated from payment. Now, mobile payments are part of all aspects of our lives. Future unmanned retail capability will continue to make our lives more convenient and smarter. SIM8905 and SIM895, SIMCom’s intelligent modules, are widely used in POS machines, vending machines, new retail and other sub-sectors. SIM8950 not only supports dual-screen display, but also has 1920X1200 high-resolution screen and 1080P video. The comprehensive communication extension interface gives the device reading and writing functions for a variety of membership cards including NFC/RFID/magnetic stripe card/barcode card. Practical modules such as fingerprint recognition are also configurable. These features anticipate that retail and consumption will become much more convenient in the future.

Hot Industry Application No.3 in 2018 —- 4G LTE Module Driving Intelligent Transportation

Today, a city’s heavy traffic greatly reduces its operating efficiency. How to reduce and improve traffic has always been a matter of concern. With the development of the Internet of Vehicles and Big Data technology, there are now scientific and reasonable solutions available. As a result, the SIM7600 series, SIMCom’s star 4G module, has received special attention from the industry. At present, SIM7600 series has been used in a wide range of applications by the automotive electronic aftermarket, including for new energy vehicles, vehicle travelling data recorders, OBD equipment, car Wi-Fi and others. Characterized by high-rate bandwidth, high-cost performance and compact size, it is applicable to clients’ different applications and designs. It provides a stable and reliable network connection for clients and stable and reliable data transmission for big data analysis of intelligent transportation.



Hot Industry Application No.4 in 2018 —- Products of Vehicle Scale Series oriented towards C-V2X and 5G


SIM7800, SIMCom’s first vehicle module product, was also on display at the exhibition. Based on LTE CAT4 high-rate technology, the module provides clients with stable and reliable network connection, supports flexible secondary development and is equipped with multiple personalized security solutions.


What is particularly noteworthy is that SIMCom has partnered with CECport to take the lead in launching a T-box custom development board, which has the following characteristics:

1. I.MX8QXP main control chip adopted to support Linux & Android 8.0 operating system;

2. Dual 100M/Gigabit Ethernet interface for high-speed vehicle data transmission;

3. Supports 32G EMMC, has super capacity for data storage, and adopts 3G/2G DDR4/DDR3 technology;

4. SIM7600CE 4G module is adopted to support data network access for full Netcom data access;

5. Supports GPS + Gsensor, and WIFI / BT module access;

6. Supports multiple CAN/UART/I2C/SPI connection interfaces to expand peripherals;

7. Supports four-way HD 720P camera input for 360 surround view system; and

8. Support three-way USB host, double sound card in/out and dual LVDS/mipi large screen display.

Clients from relevant industries are welcome to apply to test various development versions. Please click to apply for testing of development versions.

There is no doubt that wonderful things as smart city, smart payment, energy management, network of vehicles, and unmanned driving will greatly enhance social efficiency and bring us smart life in the true sense. SIMCom continues to work with clients from various industries. Thanks for your support. SIMCom is always on your side.

SIMCom@ IOTE 2018.

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