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P4 the Polish mobile operator which is the brand of Play, published and update regarding 4G Network coverage. The operator said about the coverage which is now 2214 towns, 1000 inhabitants, 391 cities and over 10,000 residents with LTE Services. There are 1692 markets of over 1000 residents with 381 cities which covering of 10,000 population, already using its faster Read more…

 Brazil 1: Vivo GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)850/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+700/1800/2600 MHz LTE 73.7 (Dec 2016) Telefónica (73.68%) 2: TIM GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)850/900/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+700/1800/2600 MHz LTE 66.2 (Dec 2015) Telecom Italia (67%) 3: Claro GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)850/2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+700/1800/2600 MHz LTE 65.9 (Dec 2015) América Móvil 4: Oi GSM-1800 (GPRS, EDGE)2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+2600 MHz LTE 48.0 (Dec 2015) Oi (55%), Altice (25%), BNDES (20%) 5: Nextel IDENbeing phased out2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+(roams on Vivo where there’s no Nextel coverage)800planned/1800 MHz LTE 2.5 (Dec 2015) NII Holdings 6: Algar Telecom (formerly CTBC) GSM-900/1800 (GPRS, EDGE)2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSPA+1800 MHz LTE 1.3 (Dec 2015) Read more…

Andorra Western Europe HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Andorra Andorra Telecom STA In Service     Planned 2014  

Austria Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Austria A1 Telekom/Mobilkom (Telekom Austria) In Service Mar-09 42Mbps In Service Nov 2010LTE-Advanced in Trial LTE-800, 2600 Austria Hutchison 3 / Orange In Service Aug-09 42Mbps In Service Nov 2011 LTE-2600 FDD Austria T-Mobile Austria In Service Jan-11 42Mbps In Service July 2011VoLTE in Trial LTE-2600

Belgium Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Belgium blite Telecom BVBA       Planned LTE-3500 TDD (42) Belgium Belgacom Mobile/Proximus In Service Jun-13 42Mbps In Service Nov 2012 LTE-1800 Belgium KPN Group Belgium/BASE In Service Apr-13 42Mbps In Service Oct 2013 LTE-1800 Belgium Mobistar (France Telecom) In Service Dec-10 42Mbps In Service Mar 2014 LTE-1800, 2600 Read more…

Cyprus Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Cyprus CYTA Mobile / Vodafone In Service     Planned 2015   Cyprus Kibris Telsim In Service     Planned 2015   Cyprus KKT Cell In Service Jan-13 42Mbps Planned 2015   Cyprus MTN (Areeba) In Service Mar-12 21Mbps    

Denmark Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Denmark HI3G Denmark / 3 In Service Jun-09 21Mbps In Service Sept 2012 LTE-1800, 2600 Denmark TDC Mobil In Service May-10 42Mbps In Service Oct 2011 LTE-2600 Denmark Telenor In Service Oct-10 21Mbps In Service March 2013 LTE-1800 Denmark TeliaSonera Denmark In Service     In Service Dec 2010 LTE-800,1800,2600

Faroe Islands Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Faroe Islands Faroese Telecom /Foroya Tele In Service Dec-10 21Mbps    

Finland Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band Finland Alands Mobiltelefon In Service         Finland Datame (WiMAX)       Planned   Finland DNA Finland/Oy In Service Oct-09 42Mbps In Service Dec 2011 LTE-1800, 2600 Finland Elisa In Service Apr-10 42Mbps In Service Dec 2010 LTE-1800, 2600 Finland TDC Song Planned         Read more…

France Western Europe Operator HSPA HSPA+   LTE LTE Band France Bollore (WiMAX)       Planned LTE-3500 (42) TDD France Bouygues Telecom In Service Nov-11 42Mbps In Service May 2013 / Oct2013  LTE-Adv. June 2014 LTE 1800, 2600 France Free Mobile In Service Jan-12 42Mbps In Service Dec 2013 LTE-2600 France Orange France In Service Dec-11 42Mbps In Service Read more…


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