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Top 5 Languages To Learn For Becoming An App Developer


Back in the day, there were only limited people coming out as mobile app developers. Not now, of course, there are plenty of students opting for developers career. The career choice is hot, demanding, and popular, no two ways to the fact. However, you cannot deny the fact that there is an immense amount of competition. This is why students these days are trying extra hard to learn diversified things and make themselves worthy to be selected.


This is why students are researching the top languages they should learn and make themselves stuffed with skills the companies they are approaching can’t refuse. The mobile app development companies these days are also demanding employees who can grasp different things and do multitasking. Here are some of the top languages of the IT world you should learn as a pursuing career in the IT field.


  • Java

Java is one of the most common, popular, and one of the best programming languages in existence. It is a general-purpose programming language having an object-oriented structure. Java has become the universal language for programming and can be used with any platform. One of the highlighting features it has is that write once and run anywhere and it highly popular for its portability across different platforms. There are almost 3 Billion or more devices which are running apps programmed with Java and which is why the language is highly popular, demanding and in trend and also one of the must learn for the IT students.


  • PHP

It is a language programmed with in-built web development abilities. The developers are at the ease of entering the server-side code into the HTML code easily through the script tag. There is a strong reason why PHP is among the top languages to learn, its technically not possible to build a complex, heavy, and feature-filled website or a web app without inserting PHP code throughout the development. The tools and features PHP offers enables the developers to get done with the tasks without having to write long and complicated codes. Also, the best thing is that learning PHP and getting started with development is easy. Just 3 months of PHP training program would be enough.


  • Swift

It is one of the widely used languages for iPhone app development and probably considered to be the future of Apple. No wonder it is in the list of the top languages to learn. If a student at the verge of selecting iOS developer as a career choice, he must be learning Swift. Swift is just like its name fast when it comes to development. It is also safer in terms of development and is more expressive. Swift is an open-source programming language and considered as easy learning one for the students. It requires lesser coding and is used in some of the popular apps like WordPress, SoundCloud, Mozilla Firefox, and Flappy Bird.


  • Kotlin

Kotlin was popular and important but it has attained a new level of popularity after WWDC event and Google announced Kotlin as the official language for Android app development. So, if your choice of career is Android, you better be fetching for Android training institutes teaching Kotlin. It is a general-purpose cross-platform language with type inference. The language is designed in a way that it can very smoothly interoperate with Java. It offers better security, easily integrated with Android Studio and also makes the development process easier.


  • Python

It is in the list of the top demanded and most popular languages at present and will remain the same in future as well. One of the highlighting points about Python language is that it is easily and naturally readable and is also very flexible. It is open-source language and is scripted as opposed to what we call compiled. The languages have extensive support modules, an active developers community, and easy integration with the web services. It also provides official tutorials along with the documentation.


Wrapping Up

The students can pick their platform and choose the relevant language accordingly. With the above list of top 5, the students can make an informed decision about their career.





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