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The Expat Media Hub creates a repository for expatriate bloggers to share experiences and help others looking to follow in their footsteps

Throughout history it has been the explorers that have been lauded in the history books. Individuals who have cut a path so that when others follow, the experience of moving to far flung lands is more often than not markedly different and somewhat easier thanks to the efforts and hardships of those that went before.

Today that practice is not too dissimilar from yesteryear. People now take to social media and other more traditional media regularly to advise those individuals and families who are looking to relocate to other areas of the world on what to do before they go and of course, what not to do when they arrive. It’s this collective sharing of information and sense of community that has made the practice of modern migration more straightforward and dare we say it, somewhat pleasant at times.

These suppliers of this handy advice are more often than not bloggers who update their portals far more frequently than other media and their accounts of their daily trials and tribulations bring real-time information to an audience in real need of guidance.

But, if you don’t know of the whereabouts of these somewhat specialised bloggers, or subscribe to their feeds, these broadcasters can quite simply become a voice in the wilderness. What is actually required is a well known and highly respected repository for all of their experiences to be housed and shared, making it easier for the intended audience to visit time and again and glean all of the relevant information required before and after the big move.

Bearing that in mind and eager to find a solution, the team that originally launched The Expat (soon to launch the new research portal i-World) developed The Expat Media Hub to collate all on-line and off-line media of relevance to those residing outside their country of origin.

The hub has been established to create the world’s largest index of off and online media serving those living abroad; so that no matter where they are in the world or what nationality they are, they can look up whatever media resource is relevant to them. This includes media aimed at lifestyle expats, overseas contract and migrant workers, students, high net worth individuals and global nomads.

Emma Wood, Project Director of the hub explains her motive for initiating its development “Having lived outside country of origin on more than one occasion, once during the 1980s and then again twenty years later, I can see how much more information there is available now in the public domain to assist those on the move, but it still remains difficult to initially source as it is scattered across the web.

The aim of The Expat Media Hub is to create a library of all forms on-line and off-line media and content, to aid those who are planning or in the process of relocating to pastures new. This can be in any language serving to inform those abroad”.

The Expat Media Hub is a free resource and calls on in particular bloggers to take advantage of the portal to promote their work. This can include written pieces, photographs, videos and website links. So start adding to it or start learning from it today.

About The Expat Media Hub
The Expat Media Hub was established to create the world’s largest index of on-line and off-line media and content serving those living abroad; so that no matter where someone lives in the world or what nationality they are, they can look up whatever media resource is relevant to them.

This includes media aimed at lifestyle expats, overseas contract and migrant workers, students, high net worth individuals and global nomads.

In a world where global mobility it escalating, the number of all types of expatriates is growing. Maintaining connectivity with their roots, as well as being able to find the information resources they need to empower them in their daily lives is essential.

The Expat Media Hub aims to bring all these on-line and off-line media together in one place to serve all nationalities residing in a foreign land.

Users can search blogs, books, events, forums, magazines, newspapers, radio stations and shows, Television stations and shows and websites.

Definition of Expatriate, often abbreviated to Expat
An expatriate is quite simply any individual that lives outside their country of origin. Derived from Medieval Latin in the mid-18th century expatriat – ‘gone out from one’s country’, from the verb expatriare, from ex – ‘out’ and patria ‘native country’.


Press contact
Emma Wood – Project Director
Max Media International
6 Cobden Court
Wimpole Close
Bromley BR2 9JF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)20 8464 8787

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