SmartFrame launches self-service platform to redefine the digital image standard

The SmartFrame platform, available on a freemium plan, transforms how users present, track, control and monetise images

London, UK – 4 October 2018: SmartFrame Technologies Limited is revolutionising the world of digital imagery with the launch of its self-service platform, which enables image rights owners—from photographers to small businesses, image libraries and big brands—to securely share their content on their own websites and beyond, track interactions, and generate new enquiries and revenues from images wherever they are displayed on the internet. SmartFrame’s self-service platform is designed to be intuitive to use and its entry level is provided free of charge with a complimentary 2 GB of storage, equating to one-thousand images to get users started.

Over the last two decades, while other photography and imaging technology has rapidly evolved, image standards have not progressed beyond JPEG, first released in 1992 and not updated since 2012. With little sharing and security protection, image owners are losing control of their content as third parties right click, screenshot and save their pictures, and have no way to track where or how an image is used. A staggering two billion images are shared per day on the internet of which 85% are thought to be infringed, with no known owner or way to find them.

To address these challenges, the SmartFrame platform converts JPEG images to the proprietary encrypted SmartFrame image format. SmartFrame images give control back to image owners through direct rendering onto HTML canvas, which is achieved in the end user internet browser. Images are controlled directly by the server and are served in the most appropriate resolution. SmartFrame establishes a two-way communication channel between the end user and the server, allowing image rights owners to track user behaviour, but also push messages and even make sales directly from third party websites. This allows safe sharing and tracking of images, while also maintaining image quality, inherent artistic value and attribution.

Features of the SmartFrame platform include:

  • Interaction and Presentation: Image owners can ensure that their content is displayed at optimum resolution without compromising the speed or security of an image. Viewers can interact with the images through full screen and ultra-zoom features that allows them to see the image like never before, maintaining the quality in any size, on any site and on any device. Users can even introduce customised buttons to give the option to share their content across social media platforms and add calls to actions.
  • Data and Insights: Tracking engagement helps image right owners to determine how different types of content is consumed, enabling them to establish the most popular and valuable types of content, for example, through the ‘footfall’, and attempts to right click and download the image. Image right owners also have the choice to block any unwanted copying of their content.
  • Image Protection and Control: Preventative measures can be put in place to help owners make it very difficult for their content to be stolen by third parties, but very easy to share in a controlled way if desired. This includes fully customisable watermarking and copyright notices that can appear only when someone attempts to right click or screenshot an image, protecting the content without affecting the visual quality. Image right owners who are at risk of unwanted saves and downloads can increase their security with heightened restriction for selected websites and locations, to stop infringement. Through the control panel, content owners can update, edit and recall their content dynamically and retrospectively wherever it is hosted on the internet.
  • Campaigns and Monetisation: Through individual photographs, image right owners can push new content, promotions, marketing messages and social posts to monetise new offerings through their content. During campaigns, users can keep track of their promotions through the impressions and click throughs that they gain on each image, and can also segment and address specific groups that they are keen to target. SmartFrame can also run relevant and contextual advertising campaigns on behalf of image owners and monetise their content for them.

“We are on a mission to redefine the digital image standard and how digital images are used. With so many image copyrights being infringed on a daily basis, image owners deserve to be able to have a say on how their content is used and derive value from it,” said Rob Sewell, CEO, SmartFrame Technologies. “That’s why we launched SmartFrame: why should image owners continue to lose out on the value of their images and assets, when instead they can easily share and control where their content goes? SmartFrame ensures that images are pixel perfect, interactive, shareable, and trackable, and that their owners are able to effectively monetise their use.”

SmartFrame customers include award-winning fine art wildlife photographer David Yarrow, who uses SmartFrame to present his content in the best format possible on his own website.

“The reality is that in our digital society most people will only ever see my images on a screen. Since switching to SmartFrame I have been able to present my work in a way that I feel does the detail of the image justice,” said David Yarrow, wildlife photographer. “The deep zoom feature allows the viewer to experience the full tonal range and intricate details that I have tried to capture. SmartFrame’s sharing and tracking protection also means I can be sure where and how my images are being used and are not stolen.”

Image owners can begin generating SmartFrame images immediately on the self-service platform:


Notes to Editor
An example of a David Yarrow SmartFrame image, with inherent copyright and sharing protection, can be seen at Visitors are encouraged to see SmartFrame technology in action by attempting to right click or screenshot the image.

About SmartFrame
SmartFrame is a secure, embeddable, trackable and interactive online image format, offering unprecedented control over content, brand protection, a fantastic user experience, increased traffic and business growth. SmartFrame was founded in 2013 in London, UK. and now employs 20+ staff in offices in London, Berlin and Krakow. CEO, Robert Sewell was shortlisted in the Emerging Entrepreneur category at the Technology Enterprise Awards ( this year. Please visit for further information.

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