/EC opens investigation into Romanian call termination rates

EC opens investigation into Romanian call termination rates

The EC has announced that it will conduct an in-depth investigation into the prices of wholesale voice call termination rates offered by Romanian fixed and mobile operators set by the country’s regulator the National Authority for Management & Regulations (ANCOM). The current fixed and mobile termination rates were set by the ANCOM in February 2014, and the regulator wants to keep these prices, with a cap of EUR0.0096 (USD0.0112) per minute for mobile termination and EUR0.0014 per minute for fixed calls. This proposal was subsequently challenged by Romanian telco RCS&RDS in October, when the company threatened legal action against the ANCOM if it did not reconsider its decision to freeze mobile and fixed termination rates, despite other dominant players in Romania – Orange, Vodafone and Telekom, supporting the watchdog’s decision.